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Carlisle ATV tires reviews

I was a customer of Carlisle ATV tires for a long time. And I am really satisfied with all kinds of Carlisle ATV tires. I would like to give you some information about Carlisle ATV tires:
Carlisle ATV tires are a subsidiary company which belongs to the Carlstar Group. The group is one of the leaders in producing original equipment and aftermarket industrial belts, specialty tires and wheels for agriculture, construction, industry, and outdoor power equipment, power sports, Towables and trailers.
What products are the best Carlisle ATV tires?They are Carlisle AT489C, Carlisle HD Field, Carlisle Fairway Golf Pro, Carlisle Super Lug, Carlisle Turf Saver, Carlisle Holeshot, Carlisle Turf Master, Carlisle Radial Trail, Carlisle Tru Power…How about the cheap Carlisle ATV tires?
Carlisle ATV tires always meet all the requirements of the customers. So they also have the cheap Carlisle ATV tires, such as: Carlisle Super Lug, Carlisle AT489, Carlisle All Trail, Carlisle Fairway Golf Pro, Carlisle Turf Saver…..
Today I would like to recommend you to try Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden tire.
I have been using these tires more than 2 years, so I would like to tell you what makes I am satisfied with these tires. Because they havea classic square shouldered design, the flat profile and chevron tread which provide excellent traction. They have a Turf friendly design and breadth of line that make them versatile in both application and fitment. And the price is only 27.19usd (not include wheel) per tire.

And I would also like to tell you about the production process of Carlisle ATV tires. How to make a tire:

Rubber compound formulation
There are two main ingredients in a rubber compound; they are the rubber itself and the filler. They are combined with a way as to achieve different objectives. Depends on the purpose of use Carlisle ATV tires, the tires will be produced to be suitable with the purpose. To maximize traction in both wet and dry conditions, or get a great resistance with rolling. The desired purpose can be completed with the careful selection of one or more types of rubber. It also depends on the amount of filler to blend with the rubber.

Generally, there are four main major rubber used: butyl rubber, polybutadiene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and natural rubber. The natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber and polybutadiene rubber are used to produce tread and sidewall compounds. And butyl rubber and halogenated butyl rubber are mainly used for the internal liner, or the inside portion which holds the compressed air inside the tire.

Rubber compound mixing
When the mixture is specified, then the challenge is how to mix it all together. The compound operation is typically an operation at the same time, with each batch producing which is more than 200 kilos of rubber mixture it will take less than 3-5 minutes. The mixer is a complicated piece of heavy equipment with a mixing room. Which has rotors inside? Its major function is to divide the rubber bale, fillers, and chemicalsand compound them with other ingredients

When the mixing is completed, the batch is taken out of the mixer and transported by a series of machines to form it into a continuous sheet which is called a “slap”. The slap is sent to other areas for bead wire assembly preparation, internal liner will calendar the tire sidewall extrusion and tire tread extrusion.

+ For Carlisle Turf Saver:
-          Great price, quick delivery. Product delivered was as pictured and described. Matched the Sears tire being replaced so I only needed to replace the one bad tire. I would definitely do business with this vendor again.(By Fairbanks Morse)
+ For Carlisle Super Lug Tires:
-          This is a great tire! I have a Husqvarna YTH2348 mower and the stock tires were just about only good for going on flat, smooth surfaces. Our yard is hilly and it was a challenge to get up the hills at times without spinning the tires - even when the yard was very dry! My neighbor took my mower for a test spin and it climbed the hills with ease with these tires.(By Arthur Senior)

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